Without Annette

It’s risky, it’s funny, it’s a fast-paced comedy set in an improv workshop. The richly-drawn cast of characters play, laugh, have affairs, uncover secrets and become a hilarious ensemble performing their own improvised finale.  With a script by celebrated character actor and improv coach Jeff Doucette (Desperate Housewives, Scandal) and Hope Juber (It's The Housewives! , A Very Brady Musical), each show is a unique hybrid of scripted and improv performance.

"Without Annette - without a net - is about an improv class with a mixed group of actors ranging in age from old to young, consummate pro to no experience, manic to laid back - you name it, that person is there. ​The eclectic class belongs to Sam Wasserman and the audience serve as auditors, occasionally shouting out suggestions when requested by cast members.  What a group, where personal crap literally becomes part of the improvs, and the class prepare to put on a show!"

- Don Grigware - Broadway World

"LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY! My head is still spinning from trying to keep up with the insanity. Now, I’m facing the task of telling you about this maniacally fast-paced comedy, taking place in an actors improv class. Each show is a unique hybrid of scripted and improv performance."

- Pat Taylor - Tolucan Times

"Set in an improv class, we meet a variety of characters with each of them sharing with us their vulnerabilities and reasons for being in the class, but most of the time we fall off our seats with hysterical laughter. Because this is an actual improv class environment, the audience becomes part of the class, and audience participation is part of the fun. Each performance has a combination of scripted and improv material, and will be ever so slightly different from each other, so seeing it several times is a definite MUST SEE." 

-Cathy Wayne - NoHoArtsDistrict.com

"Improvisation is the ability to perform without preparation, about being in a moment of truth and bringing the audience with you. This connection creates a spontaneous reaction between performer and audience, resulting in anything from uproarious laughter to anguished tears - or any emotion in between. Anyone wishing to experience this sensation should get their butts to a performance of Without Annette."

- Brian Murphy - TheatreSpokenHere

"Writers Hope Juber and Jeff Doucette’s show is set in an improv class that combines classic dramatic structure with random elements gleaned from the seats. Each show is a unique hybrid of scripted and improv performance, but basically it’s a blast! One thing improv teaches you is how to listen (to yourself, your partner, and the audience) and this cast heard us and put us all in the same place at the same time. The actors onstage are all in "Sam's Improv Workshop," experimenting with various scenarios, including suggestions and themes, from the live audience, making for a creative, original show each and every performance." 

- Bonnie Priever - Examiner.com